John Stevens, the former Metropolitan Police Commissioner, dittoing Blair now says we have 200 “Bin Ladens” walking the streets of Britain.

Sir John, who five weeks ago was given a peerage personally by Tony Blair, said the terrorists – some of whom are born in Britain – would “commit devastating terror attacks against us if they could”.

What is stopping him from arresting them? Why waste time? Arrest them and charge them. Sorted. No need to wait for new anti-terror laws to be enacted, there are laws already in place that have served this country for centuries.

He reveals that

the detainees in Belmarsh, locked up for years without trial, of being “a group of al-Qa’ida’s spiritual leaders” and criticised the Law Lords for saying they should be freed under human rights laws. This would allow them to “continue propagating their perverted brand of Islamic fundamentalism into impressionable minds”.

We are locking up people because of their religious beliefs? How soon before we start locking up people because of their political beliefs? Don’t kid yourself, you know this is where they are taking us. It’s called Fascism Lite.

Sir John believes that “for the safety of the vast majority, occasionally we will have to accept the infringement of the human rights of high risk individuals”. Great to see Sir John wade into the debate with this information which reveals the mindset of our great and good.

“Whilst it is impossible to predict the number of people who could become involved in terrorist-related activities, the figures for those expected to be subject to a control order are not expected to be substantial,” the document states.

Two hundred people is not substantial?

Last week Tony Blair claimed in a radio interview that there were several hundred terrorist suspects in Britain. Those involved in monitoring the threat posed by al-Qaeda use a pyramid model, with hundreds of supporters at the bottom, a smaller number prepared to supply target information and practical support in the middle and, at the top, a core of operators trained to carry out attacks.

Weapons of mass destruction anybody… hello… anybody buying this? Prestigious Lancet publish a report on Iraq which reveals upto 100,000 people have been killed since March 2003, thanks to Blair’s lies, and the government brushes the findings aside by dismissing their extrapolations. He hopes to convince us that plans to remove our civil liberties are benign but urgent based on a dodgy Al Qaeda pyramid! Oh. Please…