The terror suspect ‘A’ is to be released on Friday but only on the following conditions:

  • He must wear an electronic tag
  • He must observe a curfew between 7pm and 7am
  • He must live at his home address
  • He will not be allowed to meet anyone by prior arrangement outside his home without Home Office permission
  • Police and other officials will be able to carry out searches in his home
  • ‘A’ will only be allowed one fixed telephone line. Mobile phones and computers which can access the internet are not permitted in his home
  • He must notify the Home Office if he intends to leave the country
  • He will be limited to one bank account and barred from transferring money without the Home Office’s consent

The government thinks that by referring to this alleged terrorist as ‘A’ they can avoid him becoming a cause celebre like Vanunu. As a spiritual leader they cannot avoid that happening. Sir John revealed that the majority of those in Belmarsh were the spiritual leaders of Al-Qaeda. As AQ was a small network of cave-dwellers hanging out in Afghanistan I wonder how ‘A’, an Algerian living in the UK with his family, was able to assume such importance. No doubt there will many people who will want to learn more about him and what his particular spiritual and political beliefs are.