The globalisation of capital has only amplified the contradictions as it struggles to maintain the rate of profit by exporting production and through the expropriation of resources by brute force, of which Iraq is the most obvious example and a prime example of the attempt to turn back the clock to an earlier epoch.

Until now this has been met with resistance by forces that also seek to turn back the clock, the so-called fundamentalists but who ultimately have little to offer except their own brand of reaction that plays right into the hands of imperialism and in all likelihood is a direct creation of imperialist machinations in the first place eg, Osama bin Laden, ‘Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’ and the ‘international terror network’.

In any case I contend that this is no more than a phase through which we will pass and it can be argued that it has already passed. It is only being kept alive by the propaganda war the West is waging as it seeks to divert attention away from the real struggle being waged by the dispossessed of the planet.

The sleeping giant is waking once more following the defeats that culminated in the end of the Cold War. The lessons have been learned and an entirely new period of struggle is unfolding, for unlike the struggles of the Cold War era, imperialism is stretched to breaking point.

Two forces are combining to challenge the power of capital, the vast army of uprooted peoples, forced through the economic policies of the capitalist world to find work elsewhere than the lands of their birth and the countries where the resources upon which the capitalist world is completely dependent.

Thus I contend that the ‘war on terror’ and the war on ‘illegal’ immigrants are no accident, both are the product of the economic policies set in motion with the so-called neo-liberal agenda, the results of which has been the impoverishment of millions of people around the planet.

And the tactics being used to fight the ‘war on terror’ are not surprisingly the same ones being used to fight the ‘alien hordes’ even to the point of accusations-all unproven-that ‘illegal aliens’ are really terrorists in disguise or almost as bad, people-trafficking gangs.

William Bowles