There is a bloody, criminal war in Iraq. The United States military has been sent there, and they are losing the war. On the other hand, public opinion on the war has shifted dramatically in the direction of those of us who said the troops need to come back here where they belong and leave the Iraqis the fuck alone. They’ve had about all the depleted uranium democracy they can stand.

This is a hell of an impasse for the ruling class here. Some of them didn’t like how Bush and Cheney went about it, but they fundamentally agreed that for the US to retain its international power into the forseeable future, it had to readjust its military forces from the old positions to fight the no-longer-existing Warsaw Pact to a place where they could tighten the screws on future competitors if need be. That place was in the Middle East; and that’s because of all the oil that is still sensibly reachable on Earth, over half of it is in that area. That same ruling CLASS, mind you, can pull the plug on Bush and Cheney any time they want… and in fact may be doing that right now. This is not some independent fraternity that is conspiring to take over the world. This is a system. It’s been around for a long time. And it is in trouble. But it is still a system, and it is run by a whole ruling stratum, not one clique.

Every one of them is perfectly capable of reading to the best of my knowledge, and since they are, they know goddamn well that any attack on Iran would make the continued occupation of Iraq untenable.

This administration is not insane, as many people contend. This is just paranoid hyperbole. They are meaner than hell, because they can be, because they are in power. The Bush administration serves at the pleasure of the dominant class. Get your heads around that, folks. The last time a whole destabilized white middle class started convincing themselves that the world was run by a conspiracy, they identified Jews and elected a mediocre Austrian watercolor artist as Chancellor of Germany. This is a dangerous and inaccurate understanding of the world. What you are looking at is disequilibrated imperialism.

Both Nixon and Reagan “played crazy” as a method of political manipulation.

If I were the Bush administration, and I was both losing the war and losing public support like they are, I would give my domestic opposition something new to run off to… like making them believe I was about to attack Iran. Later on, when it didn’t happen, I could portray them all as poule paranoidus. Then they would stop what they are doing… ie, tearing my credibility to shreds and sending my historical legacy into the shithouse.