Can suicide bombing ever be justified?

Ted Honderich formulates a principle of humanity – and claims Palestinians have a moral right to terrorism and Israelis have a moral right to a homeland.

Who are the friends of terrorism? Who are its enemies? Ted Honderich raises the gritty moral problem of Palestinian suicide bombers. He believes that the terrible and ongoing violence against Palestinians is the cause of the violence that we see today.

“Condemning terrorism is the easy way out. What we have to do is get inside their skins. What we have to do is ask why they do this?” Sacked Lib dem peer Jenny Tonge.

Palestinians have no history of violence or warfare. Had they been left alone there would have been no violence today. Palestinians have every right to carry out a fight against occupation in any way that they can. Palestinians took a disproportionate burden of compensating victims of the holocaust.

Honderich introduces new term – Neo-Zionism – defintion: taking the last 20% of historic Palestinian land. Does America share moral responsibility? Does the UK share responsibility for this?

Israelis have no right in law to occupy territory that does not belong to them. The answer is for Israel to withdraw and for a peace settlement to be made. A lot of criticism is made of the fact that Palestinians don’t recognise Israel. But Israel does not recognise Palestine. There is no difference between a stealth bomber and a suicide bomber. No thought has been given to the cause of 911 officially. They don’t want the causes to be aired at all. Tony Benn.

Honderich concludes that we must engage in mass civil disobedience to bring down the “real” friends of terror.