Angelina Jolie to adopt again! Weeks after adopting a Vietnamese child. This time she has chosen a little girl from Chad. This article makes the adoption look as exciting as shopping for colour-coordinated household items.

I am sure Jolie has put a lot of thought into what she is doing but she’s pissed off the gossip mags by favouring People magazine over the other rags with baby photos and has recently come in for a drubbing from the frustrated competition. Angelina, when elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.

Women of Color wittily describes the adoption as Jolie’s very own affirmative action here:

Jolie – who recently adopted a 3-year-old Vietnamese boy she renamed Pax Thien -also has a Cambodian son, Maddox, and an Ethiopian daughter, Zahara, plus her biological daughter with Pitt, Shiloh.

“Angelina and Brad want to make sure Zahara doesn’t feel alienated as the only black face in their family,” a source told London’s News of the World. Jolie herself recently said, “Should you balance the races, so there’s another African person in the house for Zahara, after another Asian person in the house for Mad? We think so.”

Jolie reportedly has already picked out a 1-year-old girl from Oure Cassoni in Chad and has her lawyers working on the adoption paperwork. “She is hoping to have her daughter home by the summer,” a source told the British paper.

She’ll be needing one of these… Or maybe not. She has four full-time nannies.

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Hat tip to Racialicious – my netiquette has been remiss here, not expecting any hits I didn’t (blush) acknowledge the source!